true team building

There are many differences between team building and a team outing, the first and main one is that a team outing does not improve the dynamic of the group as much as team building activities do. Even then a team building event will achieve more with further goals, training and reviews. For example, having a company fun day such Laser Clay Shooting or going to a pub sound like fun but these activities do not teach employees how to work together as a team. Of course everyone will have fun but as soon as it is time to go back to work there are no issues resolved and/or relationships between employees are not improved. Don’t get me wrong though, a team outing is often a lot of fun for everyone but it should be treated as a reward for good work or success in a company  or “just because it’s  a Friday”,  rather than a means to improve relations between group members.


these people are having fun but they’re competing against each other and their thoughts are insular. “Am I aiming right” “Am I winning”

On the other hand, an activity like The Box or The Run encourages employees to work together to achieve a common goal. This is basically what they have to do in a workplace but now they do it for fun and build strong relationships with each other which no doubt they will use when they go back to work on a project or an assignment.

Activities that are supposed to increase team relationships should be fun and engaging. The employees should not be able to complete the task alone but only as a team (the more the better).

Team building is the process of turning a group of individuals into an effective team, a group of people organised to work together interdependently and cooperatively to accomplish a common goal. Team building is a continuous process that helps a group evolve into a strong well-organised unit. The team members not only share expectations for accomplishing group tasks but trust and support one another and respect one another’s individual differences.

Goal Setting and Reviews are vitally important, if team building is to be done properly.

Building a team- sharing ideas, talking, leading, adapting

Some people view team building activities as something that will only embarrass them. Others think that they are boring, not fun, or will just end up being a waste of time. It’s quite the opposite, these activities are designed to engage people in an activity and commit to it . No one will get embarrassed and the only way anyone can get bored is if they decide not to participate in the event.

In order to be successful and efficient, all teams should have a team leader or a team builder (a person responsible for the team). The role of a team builder is to lead the team toward unity and productivity. A team should take a life of its own and the team builder must regularly nurture and maintain it in order to maximise its effectiveness.

If done correctly team building can lead to:

  • Good communications between team members
  • Increased department productivity and creativity
  • Team members are motivated to complete goals
  • A great working climate
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment
  • Increased levels of trust

So when you book, be clear of your intentions, Do you want a fun outing or do you want a building event?

Set realistic time scales. (e.g. we can’t fix tension in the work place in a one hour workshop)

Discuss your requirements with us (e.g. don’t book bouncy castles if you want to improve cross silo communication)

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Michelle O’Brien