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Darren Priest TeamBuild.ie

Darren Priest is an experienced Coach, Facilitator and Trainer. Darren’s coaching approach is evidence based and informed by his Certificate in Coaching Psychology and his Masters in Career Coaching (University of East London). This knowledge and experience allows Darren to adapt his coaching style and approaches to meet the needs of each individual client and to support them in realising their true potential. He delivered training in diverse and sometimes challenging environments, from team building for an embassy in Beirut to business training for NGO staff in a fish farm project in Bangladesh.

Darren is a licensed trainer of the Team Management System tools( TMSWORLDWIDE)

He is able to offer two great new programmes to our clients

Team Management Profile

The Team Management Profile is a unique management and team development tool that gives you more perspectives on individual performance, high energy teamworking and organisational culture. It offers personal feedback based on extensive research with and for managers into what creates personal success and high performance teamworking.

A rigorously validated questionnaire is analysed by special software to provide a 4,500 word customised report, available in major European languages. This helps you to achieve results for yourself and those you work with.]

It is a great tool for team managers looking to understand their team profile

RELEVANT – A system developed with and for leaders and their teams

RELIABLE – A researched framework of high energy working

FOCUSED – Helps individuals and teams to maximise their potential

POSITIVE – About strengths, mutual respect and constructive relationships

RESEARCHED – Over 25 years of ongoing validated research into what makes high performing teams

MEMORABLE – Easy-to-use language and powerful visual models

PROVEN – The instrument of choice for leading organisations worldwide

FLEXIBLE – For individuals and teams, for use on its own or within your toolkit

MEASURABLE – Maximises performance to bring real business benefits

ONGOING – A foundation for long-term sustainable development

“We are having more meetings than before. We told everyone about the meeting colours and what they meant. We have so far had one green meeting and one yellow meeting. Reading the Profile highlighted to me what a Thruster-Organiser I am in terms of decision-making. I realised that I usually have a fixed idea of how I like things to be and I base my decisions upon them. Moreover, I realised that I am a quick decision maker. As a result of the session, we got to know and understand each other and we know how to get the best out of everyone.”Australian Embassy in Beirut


Career Advancement


Career transition can be a scary time and often involves stages of loss that are akin to the grief process. Having an understanding of what to expect and that you are not unusual in feeling that way is a powerful way to develop the resilience needed to see this transition through successfully. We couple this with a Solutions Focused approach to career coaching in order to support participants towards their next step. In such difficult times it is important to be appreciative of the resources you have to hand, what works well for you, the skills and experience you transfer with you and most importantly what intrinsically motivates you in the work you did that you wish to build on in the next stage of your career.

Duration: one day +

Participant numbers: 4+


This programme will support you in transforming a biographical and historical record of your employment into an appealing sales document that has immediate impact. You will gain an understanding, and take ownership of, the experience, skills and strengths you bring to your employer. We will look at tailoring your CV to the job you desire and how to make impact through the words you use and the format you present in, including a CV online and business social media.

There is no one right way to create a CV/resume, and as many opinions as people you ask. This evidence based programme will equip you with the ideas and information you need to craft the best CV for the job.

Duration: one day

Participant numbers 8 – 14


Promising to make interviews a fun experience may a promise too far for many. We can say that this programme will put fun into preparing for interview and help you make the next interview the most positive experience possible. Wherever you are in your career journey, interviews can be daunting. We will help you prepare, the key to success, through identifying your competencies, skills and strengths and then practising and honing how you put these across. Writing them down is crucial, and so is saying them out loud. That is why we have professional actors, career coach and experienced senior HR professional that can help make this experience as authentic as possible. The good news is the more ‘real’ interviews you have, the better you become. We aim to put you in the position where you’re ready to get that job.

Duration: one day

Participants numbers: 8 – 14


Having an understanding of the changing nature of work and careers can equip you for the inevitable changes in your work life. Some see careers as a path or journey, others might talk of constructing or crafting their career, yet others view their career as a narrative – their story. These common sense approaches and metaphors mirror the research and science behind career theory. Both come from the shared experiences of many. So we put together in this programme some theory and lots of application so that you greater equipped to deal with the transitions, both chosen and forced, that will come about in your career life. This will allow you to have greater control and make informed choices about the next leg of your journey, the stage in your build or the chapters to come in your story.

Duration: one day

Participant numbers: 8 – 14


Darren Priest is our Career Coach. His coaching approach is evidence based and informed by his Certificate in Coaching Psychology and his Masters in Career Coaching (University of East London). This knowledge and experience allows Darren to adapt his coaching style and approach to meet the needs of each individual client and to support them in realising their true potential. Darren has a proven track record in bringing out the magic that he knows is within each and every client that comes to meet him. This can mean asking questions that challenge and even provoke clients towards new insights and changes in perspective thus opening up choices that were not previously evident to them. Darren’s Masters in Occupational Health Psychology* (University of Nottingham) further informs his approach to one-to-one coaching, enabling him to appreciate what can help individuals thrive in the workplace.

Duration: charged hourly or grouped sessions

Participant numbers: one-to-one

“With the skills you taught me, the professional CV and an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses I had never felt more ready” F O’Driscoll, Bandon

Contact Darren at darren@teambuild.ie  or call 023 8843998